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101Bio P504S Cytoplasmic & Nuclear Protein Extraction Kit (cells & tissues), 4 rxn


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Cytoplasmic & Nuclear Protein Extraction Kit  &nbsp &nbsp (cells & tissues)


8-min. Cytoplasmic & Nuclear Protein Extraction Kit (cells & tissues)

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(  4 reactions)     

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Fastest method to extract native cytoplasmic and nuclear protein from mammalian cells or tissues.

Total procedure is less than 10 minutes.

Extracted protein can be used for SDS-PAGE, immunoblottings, ELISA, IP, protein localization, gel mobility shift assays, 2-D gels, etc.

This product is for research use only.


This kit is for fast extraction of native cytoplasmic and nuclear proteins from cultured mammalian cells or tissues.

This product works as good as the one sold by Thermo Fisher (Cat.# 78833) but 9 times faster (8 min. vs. 70 min.)

  • Fast - as quick as 5 to 8 minutes
  • 50% higher nuclear protein yield than other brand kits

Shipping / Storage

Ship at room temperature.  Store at 4℃

Shelf Life

12 months

Manual (protocol)

  Cytoplasmic & Nuclear Protein Extraction Kit     (cells & tissues)


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Cat.#: P504S Cat.#: P504 Cat.#: P504L
Cytoplamic extraction buffer 2 mL 10 mL 25 mL 4℃
Nuclear extraction buffer 2 mL 10 mL 25 mL 4℃
Filter Cartridges 4 20 50 Room temperature
Collection tubes with cap 4 20 50 Room temperature


  • Protease inhibitors is not necessary prior to extraction. However if downstream application takes significant amounts of time or the protein extract will be stored for longer period of time, addition of protease inhibitors to extracted lysate buffer is recommended.
  • The nuclear extraction buffer contains 300 mM salt, for some applications, dilution or desalting of the extract may be needed.
  • The capacity of protein extraction filter cartridge is 500 µL. Multiple filter cartridges can be used if larger amount of cell lysate is processed.
  • For determination of protein concentration, BCA kit (Pierce) is recommended.
  • To study protein phosphorylation, phosphatase inhibitors (such as PhosStop from Roche) should be added to lysis buffer prior to use.
Cytoplasmic and nuclear protein extraction kit